Welcome to the National Cycle Archive

A principal objective of the National Cycle Archive is to preserve the literature of cycling in all its forms. The Archive is a designated fund within the Cycling History and Educational Trust and conducts its own financial affairs within the Trust.

The collection includes the records of many famous manufacturers, cycling clubs and individuals from the formative years of cycling history. There is a large collection of books and magazines.

The physical archive is housed in the Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick where it is stored under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature. It is catalogued by the archivists at the Centre and much of the Archive is listed on the Centre's website. 

This site is being developed to make more of the archive material available online and we have started the long task of digitising material. This will include videos and information of manufacturers with example catalogues, and much more.

A number of publications are now available through  Cycling History (Publishing) Ltd including books, videos and conference proceedings. 

Andrew Millward