Video Archive

The trust has been donated a number of historic videos which have now been digitised and are being made available online here shortly.

The Cycling History and Educational Trust is also  pleased to offer a two DVD set of UK time trialling championships filmed during the period 1979-83.  They were filmed by brothers Godfrey and Geoffrey Turner who were members of the Southgate Cycling Club in North London. They were very keen cyclists, but their other interest was photography and when out with the club on runs would take many pictures. Later they bought an 8 mm cine camera and started to film club time trials and club events. They would show these films at the club room to entertain their clubmates. In 1965 they started to film the cycling time trial championships organized by the Road Time Trials Council (RTTC) which they continued to film for the next 18 years. The years from 1965 to 1978 were recorded on silent film but in 1979 they bought a sound camera and were able to add a sound track. This DVD contains all of the sound film the brothers made between 1979-83 after which their filming of the championships ended. he films were given to Ray Pascoe, the cycling film historian, who very kindly donated them to the National Cycle Archive in 2017. The Cycling History and Educational Trust (CHET) has paid for the films to be digitised to preserve them and make them available for you to enjoy. Money made from sales of these DVDs will be put towards further projects to preserve Britain’s cycling heritage. 

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