The Objects of the Trust are defined in the Trust's Deed and are summarised below:

  1. To help young people through education and training to develop their physical and mental capacities and skills in the use of cycles.
  2. To provide facilities for recreation connected directly or indirectly with cycling.
  3. To promote education by the study of the countryside of places of scenic, historic or architectural interest.
  4. To promote road safety, particularly of cyclists.
  5. To promote the preservation of places of scenic, historical or architectural interest.
  6. To establish and maintain, or assist the maintenance library relating to cycling and/or countryside appreciation.

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Please contact the secretary for information about the National Cycle Archive and the Cycling History and Educational Trust.

If you wish to financially support the archive please refer to this page - Support the NCA


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Correspondence should be addressed to:-


Dr. A. Millward

“The Beeches”

20 Reddings Road


Birmingham - B13  8LN


( The Cycling History and Educational Trust is A Registered Charity Established on 31st December 1976 No. 272792)

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